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Who We Are

We are an award winning bakery in the heart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Nestled in a peaceful corner of town on Soda creek, sits a stone building with wood finishing and little tomato colored shutters. We offer a selection of rustic and artisan breads, toasts, sandwiches, as well as traditional French pastries. Adhering to the old world style of baking, all of our goods are made fresh daily. 

Our History

Smell That Bread was founded in 2014 by Sam and Juli Gordon, a husband and wife team with a passion for baking and a song in their hearts. 

Juli Gordon Grew up in Oregon and moved to Steamboat to be with her high school sweetheart Sam. She worked in various restaurants and odd jobs for years but had no formal training when she realized her dream was to open a bakery. Juli attended The San Francisco Baking Institute graduating from both the Intensive Bread Program as well as the Intensive Viennoiserie Program.

Sam Gordon has spent most of his adult life here in the valley, cooking in restaurants, building bikes and playing in various bands. It was the passion that Juli had for baking that drew Sam into the bakery. He also attended The San Francisco Baking Institute and graduated from the Intensive Viennoiserie Program.

Though the couple have some formal training, they credit most of their talents to hard work and dedication they invested over the years. What started as a homegrown passion has grown into a beloved town staple.


The Building

This beloved little building was built in the forties and has seen much change over the years. Initially a one story building, it has been a machine shop, a ceramic store, a linen shop and even a soup kitchen. There are rumors of a ghost occupying the shop, but if there is a spirit, it mostly keeps to itself. 

Our Reputation

Smell That Bread has been honored with multiple awards within the community, winning Best of the Boat five years in a row for "Best Bakery". In addition, the bakery has received multiple write-ups in various magazines and travel blogs. From Boulder Weekly and Thrillist to Steamboat Weekly, STB is recognized as a primer destination in a growing mountain town.

Check out the song below which inspired the name of the bakery. In the early days, when Juli was still baking at home, Sam would sing her this song. When they found the perfect space, they knew from the start what they would call it.
Smell That Bread
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