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There will be not be a holiday preorder available for Christmas. All Christmas items will be plentiful and available throughout the month, making preorder unnecessary. In addition to our many wonderful winter (and daily) offerings we will be baking the below items for the holiday season.

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Cookie Bags


A German Christmas cookie. The literal translation is "pepper nut". This little cookie has a delightful peppery spice blend that is balanced with pecans, a little lemon zest and finally coated in powdered sugar.

Mexican Wedding Cookies

A traditional wedding cookie. Made with almond flour, powdered sugar, cinnamon and pecans. Coated in powdered sugar.

Ginger Molasses Cookies

A ginger molasses spice cookie. Chewy and crisp in all the right ways.



A French pastry from Provence. We like to call it a delightful little baked French doughnut. This lovely sweet dough is flavored with anise seed, candied orange, olive oil and orange blossom water. Once it is baked off, we finish it  by dunking it in clarified butter and sugar. A favorite for anyone who tries it.


A very popular and traditional German Christmas bread. This is a yeasted fruit bread that contains Sliced almonds, candied orange, candied cherries, and raisins that have been soaked in rum for many days. This loaf is heavily enriched and is spiced with our wonderful spice blend. To finish, we dip this loaf in clarified butter and sugar and then top it with powdered sugar. A cake-like loaf of bread with a long shelf life. DIVINE (no marzipan)


A very popular and traditional Italian Christmas bread. It takes three days to make this special bread and it is a very tricky dough to work with. This enriched dough is a round sweet bread that is flavored with fruit zest, vanilla and honey, then filled with candied fruits and raisins. We then top it with a crunchy chocolate glaze, almonds, pearl sugar and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. This is a very unique loaf. It is so light and airy and the crumb is so delicate that it must hang upside down to cool for many hours. This loaf is truly a labor of love and not to be missed. The flavor is unreal.

Just a few of the other items that you will find at the bakery this month.

Maple Bacon Bourbon Rolls

Sticky Buns


Coffee Cakes

Kouign Amann


Giant STB Cookies



Pecan Raisin Sourdough

Take and Bake: Croissants, Cinnamon Rolls, Pain au Chocolate, Ham and Cheddar

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